Beijing ShangQuan Law Firm was established in 2006 and is China’s first law firm specializing in criminal business. In 2011, the first branch of Beijing ShangQuan Law Firm, Shenzhen Branch, was established, which was also the first law firm specializing in criminal business in South China. In 2017, Beijing ShangQuan (Xiamen) Law Firm was established in Xiamen City, Fujian Province, becoming the first law firm in Fujian Province to specialize in criminal business. In 2019, Beijing ShangQuan Law Firm entered the East China market as Beijing ShangQuan (Hefei) Law Firmestablished. In 2021, Beijing ShangQuan (Xining) Law Firm was established, becoming the first law firm in Qinghai Province to specialize in criminal business.




“Only doing criminal business” is the founding purpose of Beijing ShangQuan Law Firm. For more than a decade, ShangQuan has brought together a group of professional lawyers who are full of ideals and passions for the criminal defense. The good educational background, the extensive judicial practical experience, the skilled and exquisite business skills, and the detail-oriented work attitude have made ShangQuan lawyers enjoy a good reputation in the field of criminal business.




Through unremitting and active exploration, the branding and professionalization of the ShangQuan’s criminal businesshave achieved fruitful results. The advanced management mechanism and professional team operation mode have effectively realized resource sharing and complementary advantages, laying a solid foundation for business quality control.




Since its establishment, ShangQuan has undertaken a large number of cases that have major and great social impacts, such as the Liu Han Liu Wei case, the “Drug God” Lu Yong sale of fake medicine case, the “Hundreds of Interpol Warrant” the crime of official embezzlement by Mr. Bai case, the “Rat Trading” Ma Le case, the Hunan Linwu melonfarmer case, the Shaanxi house sister series case, the CCTV fire case, the Yilin Wanli Afforestation case, the Shanghai’s richest man Zhou Zhengyi, the Chongqing’s crack down of gang crimes case, the illegal fund-raising case of eZhubao, the illegal fund-raising case of Kunming Fanya, the Shenzhen He Jiankui “gene editing” case, the Hainan Huang Hongfa family gang crime case, etc. 




“Maximizing the protection of clients’ legal rights and interests" is the practice purpose of ShangQuan. In addition to the criminal defense, the practice areas of ShangQuan also include corporate criminal legal risk prevention and control, duty-related violation crime prevention consultation and training, etc.




In addition to the legal business, ShangQuan is also committed to academic research, actively participates in and supports theoretical research and empirical research on the improvement of the criminal defense system.




Hold in October of each year, the “ShangQuan Criminal Defense Forum” has been described by the media as “the high-end feast of criminal defense” and by the industry as “the vane of criminal defense.” The forum invites well-known criminal law experts and criminal lawyers, and experts in legislative and judicial institutions to interpret the current status of criminal defense from various angles, examine the practice of criminal defense, discuss criminal defense theory and legislative issues, and improve the criminal rule of law.




The “Guide to Criminal Defense Practices: Criminal Defense Experience of ShangQuan and Tips of Risk”, compiled and published by ShangQuan, and the “Guide to Criminal Defense by ShangQuan”, being continuously updated in cooperation with the implementation of the new criminal procedure law, are known as “criminal defense reference book” among young attorneys.




The “Empirical Report of Lawyers’ Participation in the Review of Death Penalty Procedures”, issued in 2010, was highly evaluated by the Supreme People’s Court; the “Investigation and Research Report on the Implementation of the New Criminal Procedure Law”, issued quarterly since 2013, attracted the great attention from Legislative Affairs Committee of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, the Supreme People’s Court, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Justice.




ShangQuan dedicates itself in the public welfare, handles a large number of criminal legal aid cases without compensation. It was selected as the first batch of “Central Special Lottery Charity Fund Legal Aid Project”implementation units; it continues for many years to hold “ShangQuan criminal defense skills discussion and training activities”, provides free training for the criminal defense lawyers in the underdeveloped western areas; during 2013 to 2016, it recruited young lawyers nationwide in coordination with the implementation of the revised criminal procedure law, and launched a three-year “Youth Criminal Defense Lawyer Training” project; since 2014, ShangQuan launched the “Public Welfare Training of Criminal Defense Skills” activity, which has been held nationwide with hundreds of participants.




In May 2014, ShangQuan Law Firm and the Criminal Legal Aid Research Center of China University of Political Science and Law jointly launched the “Aided Persons Assistance Program”, inviting well-known criminal law scholars, senior criminal defense lawyers and criminal justice workers, and graduate students from reputable universities to participate aiming to clear the charges of the wrongdoers and promote and assist the judicial authorities in correcting the miscarriage of justice, the project has successfully assisted Putian Xu Jinlong in Fujian, Ningde Miao Xinhua in Fujian, Liu Zhonglin in Jilin, Cao Hongbin in Henan and other major unjust cases.




At the same time, in order to train criminal defense reserve forces, ShangQuan has successively sponsored universities such as China University of Political Science and Law, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Law, China youth University of Political Studies, Linyi University and Anhui University, etc. to carry out criminal law teaching and scientific research activities.